Three Ways To Write Unique Articles Faster

As you can see, today the most important thing for websites is content. We, therefore, offer 3 techniques that will allow you to write unique content faster. We insist on unique content because "copy/paste" is a technique that should absolutely be banned from your content creation strategy.

1. Paraphrasing or Spinning

We hear a lot about spinning and paraphrasing, if done right, the content generated can be usable. Spinning consists of writing a text by proposing a synonym for {each word | pieces of sentences | elements | expressions}. The syntax which has become democratized is as follows {word1 | word2 | word3}. Once your content is written with braces and "pipes" (|) all you have to do is use spinning software to generate your content. There are also tools that automatically offer synonyms but tools like offer free unique content creation which offers machine learning techniques and produces unique content that is human readable.

Pay attention to the similarity rate between spins and the quality of the articles at the exit. Use it with caution and proofread at the end.

2. Dictation

Speech recognition and voice recognition have made great progress in recent years. Siri on the iPhone4 is proof of that. So there are apps that let you write content for yourself, while you dictate. The speech recognition software can be a valuable tool if your content is properly structured in your head.

Warning: remember to read it again because your voice is not always correctly recognized.

3. Purchasing content

The third option is purchasing content. Yes! By outsourcing the creation of your content, you save precious time! However, you will still need to correctly specify your request and wait for the delivery time. Web writing companies and freelance writers are available on the web at various platforms. Depending on the quality you expect, you may need to know how to pay for it. Pay attention to the quality of the content that you buy and that you are going to publish…

And, do you have other content creation techniques?